Every component of your business depends on technology. If something breaks, it can significantly put your business operations, employee productivity, and overall profitability at risk. If you are not outsourcing your IT needs to a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP), odds are that you have it in-house, or you are working on a break/fix model. If you have it in-house today, we know you’re busy, and we can help. If you have a break/fix model, it’s probably costing more than it should.

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What is a Managed IT Service Provider?

As your Managed Services Provider, we deliver reliable IT support for your entire network.  It is the equivalent of having a fully staffed, highly trained IT department on call – a department with an experienced, credentialed, and dedicated team that you have access to 24×7. Our team monitors every component of your technology and proactively fixes issues as they arise.

Whether you are outsourcing all of your IT needs or you want to extend your current operations, our managed services provides the roadmap and support for a reliable infrastructure and advanced technology.  We stay ahead of the trends to ensure that our recommendations are fully optimized and customized to meet your business and technical needs.


We are living in a world where cyber security attacks are happening daily. These threats are evolving at lightning speed and do not discriminate against any industry or company size. In fact, cybercriminals consider small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) the perfect target. They bet on the fact that SMBs do not invest in the necessary measures to keep their systems secure. There is no immunity in the world of security breaches.

Blue Technologies offers a comprehensive, integrated Managed Security Solution (MSS) that addresses key vulnerabilities in your environment. Countering these types of attacks secures your company data, protects your reputation in the marketplace and allows you to continue to focus on your business goals. We offer a holistic approach in the areas of Managed IT Services, Data Protection, Threat Management and Mitigation and Cybersecurity.

Managed Security Solutions

In today’s world where cyber attacks make headlines daily, businesses are turning to Blue Technologies Managed Security Solutions (MSS) to ensure the safety of their data.

The Power of Managed IT Services and Security Solutions:

  • Protect the Reputation of Your Company and Meet Your Business Objectives
  • Safeguard Against Malware, Hackers, and Cyber Attacks
  • Maximize Uptime, Increase Employee Productivity and your Bottom Line
  • Increase Overall Efficiency Through Proactive Network Management
  • Safeguard your IT Infrastructure with a Leading Managed Security Solution
  • Business Efficiency Through Cost Savings and Predictability

Blue Partners

Many organizations—from Fortune 500 businesses to small startups—trust Blue Technologies to manage their IT infrastructure and meet their unique technology needs. Because we are a technology agnostic company, we are unbiased towards the use of any specific technologies to solve your business problems.

To balance this demand of world-class technology and support, we have forged partnerships with the most reputable vendors and manufacturers. Here’s a quick sampling of our leading partners:

We reduce the likelihood and frequency of network failures and issues, mitigating unforeseen downtime costs both in dollars and lost productivity. Our BlueProtect remote monitoring solution ensures we have the necessary information to make proactive and meaningful suggestions, and that we know of any threats and issues – often before the customer does. Regular remote monitoring and maintenance are backed up with scheduled network health reviews with the customer.

Our expert Managed IT Services team will take the time to evaluate and manage critical areas that may have been overlooked or taken up non-IT staff’s time. These experience-certified engineers specialize in:

And as with all of our products and services, these come backed by Blue’s award-winning Commitment to Excellence – EVERY DAY guarantee.

The benefits of cloud computing is it offers on-demand access to the applications and capabilities you need at a reduced cost, without any of the hassles, technical concerns or equipment maintenance issues. The cloud provides a secure space to host your data, programs, infrastructure, and more while giving you access to the latest high-speed, top-performing technologies to streamline operations. Blue Technologies cloud computing solutions reduce the need for unnecessary hardware,  improve mobility and save you money.

When you possess IT assets, then following all applicable regulations is an absolute necessity. In a lot of places, extensive rules and regulations are governing virtually every area where business and technology intersect, including:

Being compliant with all these regulations is mission-critical for your organization. If your systems are not in compliance, then your organization may be subject to legal penalties.

At Blue Technologies, we provide a range of services to help you ensure that your organization is fully compliant with all relevant IT regulations. Our services include compliance analysis, managed IT, and compliance as a service.

When it comes to compliance, no one has you covered like Blue Technologies does. We’ll make sure you comply with the following regulations:  

At the heart of your technical infrastructure is data. But, what happens if (or rather when) a disaster — natural or human-made – occurs? Will you be able to continue?  How long will it take you to get things running smoothly again? Blue Technologies data backup and recovery services include the design and implementation of a data backup and business continuity plan using either on-site or off-site equipment.  Plus, we’ll manage and monitor your backups to ensure you always have access to what you need, when you need it.

Blue Technologies performs detailed assessments to determine your business continuity needs and implements solutions to address a variety of scenarios. We also run tests & tabletop exercises of the disaster recovery environment throughout the year, because when a disaster occurs, you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything works exactly as planned.

Contact a technology expert today at (216) 271-4800 or contact us for a free assessment of your organization’s current IT environment, and to learn more about how working with a managed services partner can benefit your organization.

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