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  • While Earth Week is a strong reminder of our corporate responsibility to make business practices more sustainable, we urge companies to maintain focus on cutting back on their carbon footprint year round. Here are three easy ways your office can go green through better document management:

    Eliminate excess hardware: Switching to a multifunction device (MFD) that [...]

    More than one third of Americans experience chronic work stress, according to a 2013 national survey by the American Psychological Association’s Center for Organizational Excellence. With heavy workloads cited as one of the most prominent contributing factors, it’s increasingly important that employees not only prioritize their to-do lists, but their emotional well-being in the workplace.

    Prioritizing [...]

    Lauren Hanna, Production Print Manager, Blue Technologies Inc.

    At Blue Technologies Inc., our Commitment to Excellence extends to all areas of our operation – including our employees, who embody our mission and values when interacting with customers, as well as in their everyday lives.

    “My favorite part about working at Blue is the great people that make [...]

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