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  • The goal of every business is to save time, reduce expenses and improve efficiency. This shouldn’t just be a general goal; it should be implemented in every department, especially your accounting department, which has a high potential for waste without a comprehensive, streamlined document management solution.

    In fact, an IDC study found that an accountant spends [...]

    An IT service provider can be an asset or liability – but how can you tell if yours is facilitating or hindering your business?

    These three questions will put you on the right track to determining if your provider is up to par:

    1. Do they ensure first-call resolution?

    How often does the help desk resolve your problem [...]

    At Blue Technologies, we are celebrating the start of our 20th year in business providing industry-leading products backed by world-class customer service.

    At our annual Commitment to Excellence event last week, President Paul Hanna spoke about the company’s continuing momentum of growth and achievement, as well as the successful integration of new subsidiary Blue Technologies Smart [...]

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