BlueProtect Allows Your Staff to Do Their Best Work

Our Managed Services program is designed to make Blue Technologies your IT partner — not your IT provider.

Understanding that most businesses run in mission-critical mode when it comes to IT concerns, we help maintain your IT needs by applying regular monthly maintenance tasks to your network backbone.

We reduce the likelihood and frequency of network failures and issues, mitigating unforeseen downtime that could cost you both in dollars and lost productivity. And utilize our BlueProtect remote monitoring solution to ensure we have the necessary information to make proactive and meaningful suggestions, and that we know of any threats and issues – often before the customer does. By combining these two activities, we can reduce the overall cost of your network, while at the same time creating a more stable and optimized network environment.

Technology Should Be a Competitive Advantage

In today’s business world, your company either has the IT solutions it needs so your employees can do their best work, or you’re settling for something else.

Unfortunately, your competitors may not have the same problem. They may be investing in IT solutions that not only support their staff but empower them to reach new levels of achievement.

That’s why it’s become essential that your company does the same. IT shouldn’t just be a factor in your company’s success. It should be at its very core.

Long ago, IT departments were all very similar, even across different industries, but that has since changed. Nowadays, your company’s IT department needs to be a real competitive advantage. You should have the technology and expertise required to improve productivity and embrace new opportunities.

BlueProtect Gives You Access to an Entire Team of Certified Experts

The good news is that you don’t need a traditional department anymore.

When you partner with Blue Technologies, your company will benefit from an entire department of IT experts. It would be no different than if you added space to your office and filled it with IT specialists who have years of experience.

Our team will remotely monitor for issues that could lead to significant problems like network failures before they’re ever able to happen. They’ll also proactively suggest ways you could improve your current deployment, so no opportunity goes unrecognized.

Customized IT Support and Services at Your Fingertips

Even though our team of experts has experience helping companies in a wide range of industries, we never jump to conclusions when designing IT solutions for our clients. We’ll sit down with you to talk about what your current IT deployment looks like and what kinds of goals you have for your business.

Regular remote monitoring and maintenance is backed up with scheduled network health reviews with the customer, during which Blue Technologies reviews reports to provide a level of transparency previously impossible and ensure optimum uptime for your business.

If you ever have any questions or run into any issues, we are just a phone call away. As we said, it will feel like you have an entire department of industry veterans onsite.

Get IT Solutions Your Company Needs without the Overhead

Your company shouldn’t have to choose between the IT solutions it needs and keeping its budget intact.

By partnering with Blue Technologies, you won’t have to. Having a Virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) on your team to guide your technology strategy is priceless for evaluating service and software providers, reviewing equipment contracts, and managing long-term technology costs.

Our infrastructure consulting and design services also ensure you grow your IT portfolio with high-quality, cost-effective assets – backed by our award-winning “Commitment to Excellence – Every day” Guarantee. And that you have a helping hand when you have special projects that need special attention – freeing up the burden on your existing staff so that they can focus on high-level tasks.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how our BlueProtect support and services will ensure your staff can always do their best work.

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