Blue Technologies is a leading provider in custom communications solutions for businesses, governments, and organizations of all sizes. From group video conferencing to phone systems and VoIP, Blue Technologies can establish the right communication platform and ecosystem for your needs.

The Benefits of Unified Communications

The right communication system can make a huge difference in your company’s productivity, profits, and bottom line. It can help improve customer satisfaction and increase employee retention. For organizations such as healthcare providers, government agencies, or schools, communications solutions can make a positive impact in the ability to serve patients or constituents.

Whether you need to set up video conferencing for your team or a full VoIP solution for your call center, Blue Technologies has the expertise.

Customized Communications Solutions

At Blue Technologies, we work with you to come up with the right solution for your communications needs. It is important to note that we are software agnostic. We can provide a myriad array of services, as we choose “Best in Class”, so are not tied to any one software. Whether you need a simple out of the box solution or a more complex system, we will work with you to co-author and implement the right one. We also have partnerships with top videoconferencing & communication companies such as LifeSize to provide the best in both service and quality.

Communications services we provide include:

  • VoIP phone systems
  • Communications hardware
  • Video cameras, mics, and other conferencing equipment
  • Teleconferencing bundled solutions
  • Personalized solution sets for all of your communication needs!


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Looking for Customized Communications Solutions? Contact Blue Technologies

As a one-stop provider for any communication needs, Blue Technologies is your trusted partner. We find the right software to fit the solution to support your business, government agency, school, or medical office. From installing VoIP phone systems to cameras, hardware, and software solutions, we can provide exactly the right technologies to keep people connected.

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