Blue Technologies is an award-winning office technology solutions provider. Since 1995, we have offered industry leading products backed by world class customer service throughout the state of Ohio, and have been recognized by our industry as the region’s most reputable office technology provider in the process.


We put our promises in writing.

It’s that simple. When we created Blue Technologies in 1995, we wanted to base the business on one thing – exceptional customer satisfaction. At that time we put the Blue Commitment to Excellence to paper, a rarity in the industry. We weren’t and still aren’t, afraid to commit to the promises we made verbally to our customers.

As the office technology industry has evolved, so has Blue Technologies. We stay ahead of the trends to guide customers in their own business transformations. We master new technology and expand our portfolio. Our customers know they can trust us to partner with their businesses and provide the best products and services possible.

Blue Technologies’ 5-point pledge is put into place to protect the customer after the acquisition is complete covering product performance, product service, supplies, easy acquisition, and customer service:

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* Continuous subscriptions to Blue Technologies’ service and supply program required. MFP doing less than 50 pages per minute are covered for 7-years or 2 million copies (whichever comes first.) MFP doing 50 to 70 pages per minute are covered for 7-years or 4 million copies (whichever comes first). Black and white MFP’s at speeds of 70-90ppm will be guaranteed for 7 years or 7 million copies (whichever comes first). Production black & white equipment at speeds greater than 90 ppm and color equipment at speeds of 65ppm or greater will be guaranteed for the lease term only.