Optimize document management and enhance business processes with office productivity solutions by Blue Technologies. Our document management solutions enable you to streamline your workflow with document automation and data capture, create transactional documents with variable content, and build Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems to capture, organize, store, and retrieve content.

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The expert staff at Blue Technologies can partner with you to evaluate your unique business operations to identify areas for improvement, increasing your organization’s performance and productivity to boost your bottom line.



Are you capturing all documents and information as efficiently and easily as possible? If the answer is no, you may want to consider the value and efficiency of starting your streamlining process in a paperless way. By avoiding paper forms and documents, data entry is minimized. For internal and external customers, this allows easier access, including the ability to contribute to the creative process of a marketing strategy/project through remote platforms.

Manage Staff Routing

Consider how you are handling intake — from document routing to signatures and notifications. This part of the process causes the most delay. Paper impairs visibility and does not adapt to new rules. Through ECM, you can monitor operations and notify staff members. ECM also automates tasks and case management solutions. This allows internal and external customers to receive receipts of their submissions and other status updates.


How are you providing appropriate access to everyone who needs it? Is it efficient? It is important to consider how you can make accessing content from anywhere much easier. ECM provides increased access and makes fieldwork possible. Whether you are offline or mobile, it no longer matters where you are if you have internet access.


When it comes to integrating, consider the content that needs to be connected to the solutions that contain the related information. This step can be complicated, but it has the potential to transform the efficiency and integrate content seamlessly. This allows you to access content directly from other applications and synchronize data in real-time if you have internet. You can avoid spending time searching for the right file, which wastes time and workforce efficiency.


ECM allows you to measure the information and activities within your on-base system. But you should consider how you currently measure process efficiency. Do you have a real-time view of processes? Can you assess compliance? With ECM, you can monitor and report on automated processes, identify and eliminate bottlenecks, and map various projects. You will be able to see the process and deliver its view in a way that is meaningful to managers and executives who are trying to understand how it is working. Also, this allows you to anticipate what-if situations, where you can analyze the baseline measures of data you already have.

Store and Protect Content

It is essential to ask yourself if you are meeting the compliance and records required for your agency. Is information encrypted? You want to be able to store and protect content from disaster throughout its lifecycle, encrypt data, and destroy material per legal retention requirements. With ECM, you can enforce and protect your content. This means less work to churn files at the end of fiscal years, as well as reduced cost from outsourcing.

From better customer service to driving internal efficiency, using ECM can help streamline an organization’s content flow.


Employees often spend valuable time tracking down documents or recreating those that have been damaged or misplaced. While sometimes this takes only a few minutes, across hundreds of employees and thousands of documents, this time adds up. And this is time employees could spend doing more productive work.


An enterprise content management (ECM) solution solves the problem by securing all of your company’s documents, regardless of format, in an easy-to-search, centralized repository – eliminating the need to manually search through bulky file cabinets.

As a full-service office technology provider, Blue Technologies offers first-rate ECM solutions, backed by our award-winning Commitment to Excellence – EVERY DAY guarantee. Our team of experts will work with you to find the best-fit productivity solutions for your organization’s unique needs, ensuring they align with your business’ strategy, budget, and overall goals.

iManage Work

iManage Work provides powerful office equipment solutions to keep an ever-increasing matter workload organized, making it easy to move, copy, or create shortcuts to documents, email, and folders. Current matters appear in a single “My Matters” list, which can be updated automatically to include new work during the matter opening process. iManage automates document classification to boost user adoption while providing accurate, secure, and fast search.

OnBase by Hyland

OnBase by Hyland manages virtually every type of content – images, faxes, host-generated reports, application files, HTML forms, e-mails, video clips, etc. – as well as every stage of the lifecycle – creation/input, storage, retrieval, revision, and distribution. As a result, the power of information is returned to the user, so organizations achieve better-managed operations, reduced costs, increased efficiencies, and peak effectiveness.

Prism DocRecord

Prism DocRecord provides storage management for your digital documents. All records are efficiently stored only once. Through the DocRecord document reference system, documents can be used repeatedly without having to produce or store multiple copies. By having your documents stored digitally, Disaster Recovery is always ready to produce backup CD’s that are stored offsite.

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