Optimize document management and enhance business processes with office productivity solutions by Blue Technologies. Our document management solutions enable you to streamline your workflow with document automation and data capture, create transactional documents with variable content, and build Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems to capture, organize, store, and retrieve content.

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The expert staff at Blue Technologies can partner with you to evaluate your unique business operations to identify areas for improvement, increasing your organization’s performance and productivity to boost your bottom line.


Employees often spend valuable time tracking down documents or recreating those that have been damaged or misplaced. While sometimes this takes only a few minutes, across hundreds of employees and thousands of documents, this time adds up. And this is time employees could spend doing more productive work.

An enterprise content management (ECM) solution solves the problem by securing all of your company’s documents, regardless of format, in an easy-to-search, centralized repository – eliminating the need to manually search through bulky file cabinets.

As a full-service office technology provider, Blue Technologies offers first-rate ECM solutions, backed by our award-winning Commitment to Excellence – EVERY DAY guarantee. Our team of experts will work with you to find the best-fit productivity solutions for your organization’s unique needs, ensuring they align with your business’ strategy, budget, and overall goals.

iManage Work

iManage Work provides powerful office equipment solutions to keep an ever-increasing matter workload organized, making it easy to move, copy, or create shortcuts to documents, email, and folders. Current matters appear in a single “My Matters” list, which can be updated automatically to include new work during the matter opening process. iManage automates document classification to boost user adoption while providing accurate, secure, and fast search.

OnBase by Hyland

OnBase by Hyland manages virtually every type of content – images, faxes, host-generated reports, application files, HTML forms, e-mails, video clips, etc. – as well as every stage of the lifecycle – creation/input, storage, retrieval, revision, and distribution. As a result, the power of information is returned to the user, so organizations achieve better-managed operations, reduced costs, increased efficiencies, and peak effectiveness.

Prism DocRecord

Prism DocRecord provides storage management for your digital documents. All records are efficiently stored only once. Through the DocRecord document reference system, documents can be used repeatedly without having to produce or store multiple copies. By having your documents stored digitally, Disaster Recovery is always ready to produce backup CD’s that are stored offsite.

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