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Wide-format printing remains the primary print solution for architecture, engineering, and construction firms even despite advances in digital 3D rendering. While digital renders are useful for presenting plans to investors and stakeholders, nothing outperforms a durable vinyl wide-format print on the worksite.

Print Challenges for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Projects

Many companies rely on third-party printing services for their large-format needs. This can generate production bottlenecks when print houses can’t deliver on time, such as when multiple high-priority projects need to be completed simultaneously.

Other companies have their own in-house wide-format print hardware but use obsolete equipment no longer supported by the original manufacturer. When this equipment breaks down, only a select few know how to perform repairs, and even fewer know where to source spare parts from reliably.

Blue Technology Print Solutions for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Projects

Blue Technologies offers full-scale imaging and print solutions for architecture, engineering, and construction firms. We leverage partnerships with some of the most reputable manufacturers and developers in the imaging industry to generate value for top-level firms working on the most demanding projects.

Benefits of Choosing Blue Technologies for Wide-Format Printing

Choosing Blue Technologies as your wide-format printing and document management vendor can result in greater efficiency, less waste, and higher satisfaction on the behalf of project shareholders. It can transform architecture, engineering, and construction firms into highly effective, digitally oriented organizations.

Blue Technologies Is Ready to Transform Your Firm

Increase the functionality of your architecture, engineering, or construction firm by relying on Blue Technologies for hardware and software acquisition. Hire our team for managed services and decrease the technology footprint of your business while increasing its capabilities and the profits it generates.

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